G2 web is definitely an improvement over the original discovery web version. Data refresh is much faster; I really like the expanded multi-tier functions.

Clear Springs Foods

With a simple swipe of my finger on a tablet, I’m able to get our KPIs instantly. We have the ability to perform ‘what if’ scenarios and identify new ways to review and meet business objectives.

Johnathon Whittaker, Wainwright Industries GM Southeast Division

AFS DSD really worked with us.

Jill Thornberg, Director of IT at Alpha Baking

It is highly useable, timely and speedy and has ultimately increased our competitive advantage.

Joe O’Callaghan, Field Sales Manager of Shamrock Foods

They’re very easy to deal with. We’re utilizing their software in every area that we can — from managing inventory, to taking orders, billing, and through the distribution of drivers delivering orders.

David Schneider, Vice President of Schneider’s Dairy

Discovery G2 is a competitive advantage for us that we have been missing.

Johnathon Whittaker, Wainwright Industries GM Southeast Division

AFS really specializes in DSD route accounting for the dairy industry. They talk the same language we do – and understand from a business standpoint and a systems standpoint what is really required to make it work.

Shannon Bouldin, Manager of Applications Development & Support, Borden

The out-of-the-box functionality of the Priya™ Enterprise tool fits our business today and having the ability to add complementary AFS solutions in the future offers added value and convenience.

Gene Loffredo, CEO, Loffredo Fresh Produce

Partnering with a solution provider who has experience in the produce industry will be of tremendous value to our company.

Gene Loffredo, CEO, Loffredo Fresh Produce

The functionality [of AFS DSD] has boosted the efficiency and effectiveness of our field team’s day-to-day activities and the ease of use of the devices is demonstrated by an exemplary 100% user uptake.

Joe O’Callaghan, Field Sales Manager of Shamrock Foods

We now have a detailed analysis that tells us exactly where the trays went, to which stops, and how many came back. We have all kinds of reports that we’re doing that show some huge discrepancies.

Jill Thornberg, Director of IT at Alpha Baking

AFS Technologies understands the dairy business.

David Schneider, Vice President of Schneider’s Dairy.

AFS TradePro Retail helped us address what wasn’t working and our company now believes there is value to working within the system. We have buy-in and collaboration right at the top which has transcended throughout the entire organization.

Peter Seidita, Director of Commercial Development at Energizer Personal Care

Thanks to AFS TradePro™Retail, we are becoming more proficient, our sales team is getting better at forecasting, and we continue to see a greater profit in our promotional activities.

Trista Awtrey, Business Analyst, Pacific Natural Foods

Discovery G2 will show you information you didn’t know you didn’t know. It will challenge the status quo thinking about your business and be your compass to help drive strategies in any economic environment.

Steve Meinig, Sales Operations Manager, Unilever

The GenWeb system from AFS Technologies is the next step in our continued effort to stay ahead of the technology curve. It allows us to better represent our principals and make more informed decisions in presenting programs to our customers.

Michael Slattery Jr., Managing Director, Slattery Marketing

We have been very impressed with the management suite and how we can use the data that is fed back in to make meaningful decisions.

Joe O’Callaghan, Field Sales Manager of Shamrock Foods

AFS Technologies is able to provide the Company with a complete suite of solutions that work together to give us added visibility into the data that will shape key strategic business decisions.

John DeBenedetti, Owner, Del Monte Meat Company
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AFS Technologies is the only global end-to-end solution provider for the Food & Beverage and CPG retail industries.  We offer a powerhouse of complementary and scalable solutions that AUTOMATE processes, OPTIMIZE sales performance, STREAMLINE the flow of information and IMPROVE productivity.

From ERP, Trade Promotion Management (TPM) and Mobility solutions to Foodservice, Business Intelligence reporting and Warehouse Management applications, more than 1,000 CPG companies have partnered with AFS Technologies for its knowledgeable implementation teams and vast domain experience.

Our robust portfolio gives companies the flexibility to crawl, walk and then run at a pace that adjusts to ever-changing business and technology needs.  Organizations are further empowered with the ability to add new enterprise solutions to existing tools in order to gain a more comprehensive set of business functionalities.